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Masterpeace Studios is a nonprofit corporation. We bring together people who are dedicated to realizing greater levels of health, well being, peace and happiness. Our mission is to inspire and empower people of all ages to embody a mindful and holistic approach to healthy living and experience self awareness through the arts.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Masterpeace Studios! This studio is a culmination of my work with kids; all kinds of kids, gifted kids, suburban kids, at-risk kids and my own kids. I saw how combining yoga, relaxation, imagery and art delighted and inspired them to imagine a future living out their own potential. I knew it could be powerful medicine for awakening a new vision regardless of their situation, background or environment. Some very talented, caring friends and I created Masterpeace Studios as a place to equip both children and adults with this vision of healthy living through a completely unique combination of disciplines - creative movement, meditation, artistic expression, nutrition and healing arts. Masterpeace Studios is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing these wellness tools to people who might never consider that this kind of nurturing environment is within reach. Please come join us and be inspired and empowered to create yourself as a masterpiece!

Meg Krejci
Executive Director